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Baltyre Ltd. has started its activity in 1996. Now it is one of the leading tyre importer from former USSR, asian countries and other wordwide regions into EU. Long-time tyre experience in foreign trade, wholesale and retail trade and ability to response the market requirements allowed us to build dynamic and flexible distribution system and tyre sale in our markets and bring to our customers quality products in profitable price and delivery conditions. Systematic building of sales network and flexibility of logistical system allow our customers to grow together with us and operative respond to changes which are running in our markets. Building of distribution centres and sales networks in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russa, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuana helped us to make the way from producer to end user more easier and to transfer benefits to wide group of our long-term customers. At the same time we could become of strong, reliable and long-term business partner for traditional producers and also for producers who bring new brands and products in European market. From the beginning of our work Baltyre has been specializing in looking for new products, selecting of interesting sizes and their launching in the market.

What do we offer our partners?

Wholesale and distribution of tyres

1/ Distribution centres for storing and distributing of all kinds of tyres with whole inside stock area more than 8 000m2 and good position – Beluša seat is situated directly near the highway in border area between Czech republic and Slovakia with possibility of flexible supplies to whole area of  V4 countries and the central Estonia seat in Tartu with direct ways to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Scandinavia.

2/ Long-term wholesale network forms from contracted business partners and covers all regions of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, partly interferes with the area of Poland, Hungary and Lithuania.

A matter of course is the wholesale centre with the trade policy focused on long-term development together with business partners instead of short-term financial effects, own forwarding centre covers regular deliveries of tyres for all customers with sufficient capacity for satisfaction of all kinds of quantity demands of sales network.

Retail and contact with end users

Own modern fitting services with skilled employees for all kinds of selling tyres make the firm possible to keep the necessary contact with end customers and users, to collect and evaluate information about their satisfaction with offered tyres and to evaluate their experience with using of imported tyres and products.

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Fast contact

Baltyre Hungary Kft.
8093 Lovasberény
Külterület HRSZ: 0102/2



Baltyre Slovakia

E-mail: info@baltyre.com
Phone: +421 42 4710300

Baltyre Czech republic

E-mail: office@baltyre.com
Phone: +420 424 710 543

Baltyre Eesti

E-mail: info@baltyre.ee
Phone: +372 747 2652

Baltyre Latvia

E-mail: info@baltyre.lv
Phone: +371 283 004 72

Baltyre Russia

E-mail: info@baltyre.ru
Phone: +7 919-622-3000

Baltyre Lietuva

E-mail: info@baltyre.lt
Phone: +370 687 89890

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